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Thanks for taking a look at my Special Offer page.

I do add new items here from time to time. They are usually free (some do need an opt-in) but have been vetted by me to ensure they are good quality and worthy of your attention.

I’m going to make one big assumption which influences what I place on this page :

Based on the fact you create hyperlinks you are in some way involved in marketing online. On that assumption the “bonuses” I list here will be useful to anyone working online and looking for ideas and tools to enhance what they are doing.

Number ONE

list building for beginnersThe first bonus does require an opt-in but it is great information on how to build a list of subscribers.

You get my free e-book¬† “List Building For Beginners” with my compliments.

Just click the button below.

List Building For Beginners

Number TWO

making sense out of confusion

If you are new to online marketing / business you may find some of the terms you come across – ftp, opt-in pages, autoresponders, HTML etc etc a little confusing.

Download my free e-book (no opt-in required) “Making Sense Out Of Confusion” and all will be clarified

The link below takes you part way through “Homer’s Story” which is a must read if you haven’t yet made it online – you can navigate back to the start of the story from the bottom of the page that opens when you click the button.

Making Sense Out Of Confusion


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